Cost / Rates

At Rockgarden homes, we have a person-centred approach to care, and acknowledge the diversity in the degrees of independence, and extent of care needs each unique residents may have. Our fees are divided into three broad categories:






NGN 170,000

NGN 450,000

NGN 750,000


NGN 250,000

NGN 700,000

NGN 1,200,000


NGN 300,000  

NGN 800,000 

NGN 1,600,000


We are also Government approved and regulated, having met strict standards of practice.
Significantly, ALL OUR SENIORS HAVE THEIR PRIVATE BEDROOMS and do not have to share this with anyone.

A) Dementia care attracts an extra charge of NGN50, 000 per month.

B) Physiotherapy costs NGN30,000 per month.

C) Wound care costs NGN20,000 per month.

Fees Covers

  • The cost of boarding, accommodation, and Utilities
  • Three delicious meals a day plus healthy snacks
  • Assistance with any and all activities of daily living
  • Personal grooming needs, laundry, and housekeeping
  • Routine visits from the doctor
  • Ongoing health monitoring
  • Medication management by a registered nurse

Fees do not Cover

  • Medications and other medical supplies
  • Incontinence products such as diapers or catheters
  • Transportation cost for visits outside our facility such as physician’s appointments and social visits
  • Cost of tests and treatment by medics outside our facility, or by specialists invited in
  • Special Diets

Get in Touch

Just in case you have any question, suggestion, request or even complain, you can contact us and and we’ll get back to you.