Care Options

We offer a diverse spectrum of services which cater to a wide variety of seniors ranging from fully independent to very dependent.

Most elders find us very cosy and homely, and find peace of mind knowing that personal assistance, wellness services, and skilled healthcare will always be delivered to them respectfully.

A) Retirement Homes or Independent Living:

Our independent suites are suited for seniors who enjoy relating with their peers can’t bear social isolation.

This comes with the availability of meals, laundry and general services, but without personal care services. Independent retirement living combines socialization, safety and security under one roof. We take pride in offering our seniors a warm and homelike atmosphere in scenic settings, as well as active lifestyle choices.

The staffs are dedicated to caring for our residents with both compassion and respect. These services are available to meet a variety of needs and preferences.

B) Assisted Living:

This is suited to elders who require assisted living and can no longer cater to their own need independently, but whose families live abroad.

The independent suites comes with the convenience of general household services such as dining, lifestyle programs and housekeeping but with the added availability of on-site personal care services such as medication administration or assistance with daily living activities.

c) Dementia care:

Families and caregivers of seniors living with cognitive dependencies often encounter challenges during care of their loved ones.

The symptoms of Dementia- memory loss, communication difficulties and behavioural alterations can be quite upsetting for close relatives, and coping with the new needs and behaviour of elders living with dementia may sometimes prove overwhelming.

While we cannot totally take away the hurt of living with, or watching your loved one cope with dementia, our services go a long way to help.

While we have limited spaces for these range of services, we believe our “person-centered” approach to elderly care, would help improve your loved ones’ quality of life, and provide you with some succour.

D) Short Stays / Respite care

Subject to availability, our short-term care option is suitable for seniors who have longer-term arrangements in place but require a brief getaway, or want some relief for their primary caregivers.

Another category of seniors who frequently opt for our short-term care option are elders who do not want to risk a long-term commitment to residential care.

Respite care is an ideal time to benefit from our services and community, and to ascertain the compatibility of Rockgarden homes with your circumstances and taste.