Lodging Procedure

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The decision to make a long-term commitment to living in an elderly residential care home is oftentimes a difficult decision that must involve the elder, members of his/her family, and some relevant close friends.

This decision can take weeks and in some cases, months to come to, and we at Rockgarden homes understand this, and will provide you with as much information as possible to guide and ensure a smooth transition from living in your own home to living with us.

Prior to intake, pertinent information concerning the elder’s state of health, cultural background, and psychosocial profile would be collected, and a medical assessment would be carried out by some members of our team. This assessment may also be carried out by a medical doctor of your choice, using a structured medical report questionnaire that can be mailed to you. Your doctor will need to complete the assessment form with as much information as you can and email it to us at You can download our SELF ASSESSMENT FORM here

This information helps us assess the elder’s level of independence, extent of needs and gauge the possible progression of chronic illnesses. This assessment may either be carried out in our facility or at the elder’s place of residence.

After the assessment, the cost of care wold be ascertained, and relatives would be required to pay the prescribed fees, and our long-term care and support agreement would be issued to the next of kin.

The Elder can move in to Rockgarden homes no earlier than 48 hours after payment has been confirmed. Intake of a new resident is completed within 48 hours of the resident moving in to Rockgarden homes when our doctor assesses him/her.