Our Home-based care involves the provision of comprehensive services, which include social, nursing and health services by formal and informal caregivers in a home setting in order to promote, restore and maintain a person’s maximal level of comfort, function and health.
– We improve the quality of life of older people through friendship and psychological support.
– We facilitate independent living in the setting of a home.
– We fill gaps in health monitoring and care.
– We allow family carers to have a break or to engage in other productive activities.
– We are cost-effective.

– Majority of our patrons reside in the Diaspora but are concerned about the standard of care for their loved ones back home.

– Others have sought our services because they were dissatisfied with the quality of care provided to their ageing parents in other “care homes”.

– Some solicit our services because the Carers they engaged to nurse their seniors exploited their vulnerability, subjecting them to verbal, physical, financial or psychological abuse.

– A significant proportion of our clients also seek our services as a means of preventing social isolation.

i) LongTerm Care for “Independent” and “assisted living” elderly residents.
ii) Respite / ShortStay Care to elderly residents when necessary.
iii) Periodic geriatric outpatient consultations.
iv) Rehabilitative therapies for elders with impairments
v) 24-hr resident nurses
vi) Nutritionist’s input in all meals

i) A major demographic transition is taking place as numbers of older persons are increasing considerably. People are living longer and they are increasingly exposed to longer periods of vulnerability and ill health in old age.

ii) Traditional family support is constantly being eroded by the shrinking size of modern families and the migration of adult children.

iii) Rapid urbanization and societal modernization has also brought in its wake a breakdown in family values resulting in social isolation and elderly abuses.

iv) Studies shows that per capital health expenditure of the elderly is higher than the per capita health expenditure of other age groups in Nigeria.

v) Public social welfare and care services are poorly resourced and grossly inadequate for an increasing elderly population in Nigeria.

vi) Without access to available and affordable quality residential care homes, many aged people can expect decreased survival and their final days to be painful, humiliating and lonely.

Children who are making a decision to have their elderly loved ones move in to a residential care home usually encounter the feeling of being a bad son or daughter who is unwilling to put their life on hold to attend to their loved one’s needs.

We do not seek to dismiss this feeling but we can assure you that having your mum or dad move in to Rockgarden homes is a kind, loving and generous act.

We say this because you are willing to pay good money to ensure that your mom/dad has compassionate, professional caregivers dote on your elderly loved one and watch with eagle’s eyes over their every cue, verbal or not.

Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities for, and are not in the best position to care for seniors who
i) Who are acutely ill
ii) Who currently have a contagious disease
iii) Who are below the age of 60 years
iv) Who require care that is best offered in hospitals.

Occasionally, we are able to accept Seniors who require hospice or palliative care services, at special rates.

Our services are notably very affordable, but vary depending on the range of care needs the elder would have. Our prices start from N95,000 per month, and N270,000 per quarter for our long-term residents.

Distinctively, our services are unique because we are Government Approved, have fully private En-suite rooms, have Carers who always sleep in every apartment, offer complimentary onsite medical services and utilize state of the art technological systems such as Solar Inverter Power Systems, Call bell systems as well as CCTV monitoring systems, to guaranty a first-class service delivery.