Our Facilities

The Apartment

We have adopted the use of contemporary technology such as Solar Inverter Power Systems, Call bell systems, as well as CCTV monitoring systems, to guaranty a first-class service delivery.

Our facility is divided into private units of two-bedroom apartments, each housing two seniors who are matched by age, gender, language and personal preferences.

Each elderly resident has a room, with bathroom ensuite, to ensure privacy and dignity. Furnishings are tailored to suit each Senior’s needs and taste.

We encourage Seniors to personalise living spaces with pictures, favourite furnishings, vases and other items important to them. This can be done the day before they move in, to ease their acclimatisation to their new home. We have professional janitors in Lagos and kitchen cabinet construction companies in Nigeria.

Medical Cover

A doctor visits the homes once every week, and checks on each Senior. We also have registered nurses always on ground 24 hours a day, who monitor the resident’s ongoing health status, manage their medications and are our first responders to any emergency.

Rehabilitation and Recreation

We have a physical therapy room where residents with physical impairments or physical therapy needs are seen by our team of physiotherapists.

Activities are designed to fit each resident and are tailored to promote healthy self-esteem, maintain physical dexterity and skills the senior still has and provide room for enjoyment and meaningful social interaction.

Daily activities include group singing, Karaoke evenings, dancing, group devotionals, painting and craft; book reading, and group walks. Distinctively, they also enjoy occassional planned outdoor trips!

The Care Team

All members of staff undergo careful reference, security and qualification checks prior to joining the Rockgarden Homes team. Every personnel receive continuing training in health and safety, infection control, moving and handling, and fire safety.


We appreciate that the decision to join the homes is often a difficult one driven by need and that every new senior added to our family brings with him/her his/her own peculiar life experiences and preferences.

As such, understanding our resident’s background, life history and personal traditions is an indispensable component of our care delivery. This information helps us frame a holistic view of each elder, and establish an appropriate care plan.

We encourage as much independence among our Seniors as their bodies would permit, and attempt to foster a great sense of community and interdependence on their peers.